Nebraska AgrAbility Giving Support to Farmers/Ranchers Facing Disabilities


Nebraska AgrAbility has been around since 1995, working to keep farmers and ranchers with disabilities on the job.

A group of Peer Supporters are meeting in Kearney on Tuesday for training. Peer supporters are former clients who will take the knowledge from their training to help new clients -- farmers and ranchers who have recently been diagnosed with a disability or health condition, such as MS or arthritis.

Peer supporters are able to offer a helpful resource or listening ear, either over the phone or in person. They also work through support groups set up in the community and a several events, such as farm expos or health fairs.

These peers also support the AgrAbilty project. For example, one peer gathered necessary information for a grant that would allow for the expansion of the Temporary AT program -- which offers equipment that can be borrowed by those facing a temporary disability.

Other peers have spoken to local youth at farm safety events to encourage safer work practices on the farm and ranch. And some peers work as a marketing team, telling others about AgrAbility services.

Find more information about Nebraska AgrAbility online or contact your local Extension office.