Nebraska Bill Would Give Rural Towns "Relocation Incentives"


Could rural Nebraska be the hot spot for job opportunities? A new bill proposed in the legislature could make smaller communities a target for critical jobs.

The bill would allow cities to create their own incentives programs to attract workers for high demand jobs. The money for such programs would come from a voter-approved local option sales tax, according to the bill.

LB-295 is not shaped into a cookie-cutter format as it allows each town to choose what to do with the funds.

So each town could be different in the way they allocate the money but LB-295 is intended to make rural communities prosper by adding critical jobs.

However, the bill is vague and money would come from the communities themselves so some individuals may feel a little wary.

The bill is currently in the Urban Affairs Committee where Sen. Sullivan is presenting to other lawmakers that the bill would cost the state basically nothing because the funding would come directly from those who live in the towns; and the vagueness of the bill is meant to give the towns as much leeway as possible.