Nebraska College Administrators Crediting Financial Aid and Outreach Programs for Increased College Attendance


Nebraska college administrators are attributing an increasein college enrollment to financial aid and outreach programs.

The percentage of high school students going on to collegehas increased about five percent since 2006, with nearly 70 percent ofstudents enrolling. That puts the state in seventh place nationally according to the most recent data.

University of Nebraska President J.B. Milliken says the university has worked to offer tuition assistance and a two-year freeze proposed by Gov. Dave Heineman. And a grant program aims to make college visits easier for high school students.

"Asthe parent of college-aged children myself, I am a strong believer that campusvisits are a critical early step for students in selecting a school that bestmeets their needs," shared Milliken. "Students who choose a school that fits are in a much betterposition to have a positive college experience and complete their degrees.Nebraska is home to many high-quality colleges and universities, and Iencourage students and their families to visit as many of them as they can."

Administrators hope that these efforts can increase the number of high school students going on to college as they are still not satisfied with 70 percent.

"While we're excited about the increase in the state's college-goingrate, it's still not good enough," LizKoop, president and CEO of EducationQuest Foundation said.