Nebraska DMV Makes Replacement Handicap Permits Available Online


The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has announced the launch of a new free online service for drivers holding a valid handicap parking permit.

The Handicap Parking Permit Public Access application allows users to request a second handicap parking permit or a replacement permit online.

The DMV receives an average of 160 requests monthly for replacement handicap parking permit placards. Before the online service, individuals had to mail in an application or visit the DMV office in person to request a replacement.

The new service was launched in conjunction with a redesign of the existing handicap parking permit online service for medical professionals that was released earlier in 2012. Now the site is even available on tablets and smartphones.

Part of the original online service launched last year included the ability for individuals to visit their doctor to request a handicap parking permit instead of visiting the DMV to obtain and submit forms.

Since the launch of the online system, over $6,500 new and renewal placards have been processed online by medical professionals.

Visit for more about the department's available online services.