Nebraska Driver's License Offices to be Closed for Few Days in April for Statewide Training

Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license staff will be out of the office April 7-10 for a statewide training session, according to a news release from the Nebraska DMV on Wednesday.

Nebraskans in need of a new driver's permit, license or state identification card will need to either make plans to visit the DMV before April 7, or they may be able to go online to However, not everyone will be qualified to get their new license or ID card over the Internet.

"We do recognize these office closings may temporarily inconvenience some of our customers; however, training on driver license security issues, changes to commercial motor vehicle skills test, improved customer service, and computer usage is essential," said DMV Director Rhonda Lahm.

Offices will be open once again on Friday, April 11 following the training session. Others may need to plan ahead; driver's license renewals can take place up to 90 days prior to the expiration date, according to license administrator Sara O'Rourke.