Nebraska Drought Hits North Platte Golf Course Hard


As we head into the fall season, the historic drought that Nebraska continues to face is affecting communities all across the state.

And in North Platte officials say that even though the drought was harsh to many farmers and ranchers, the city held it's own and was better off than most other places.

"There's no question we were exceptionally dry this year however here in North Platte we're really come through it pretty good," said North Platte mayor Marc Kaschke. "We haven't seen water rate usage as high as it was a few years ago. We were a little bit surprised electricity usage was up like what we though it might be given the heat as well."

But over at Iron Eagle Golf Course in North Platte officials say during this drought it was very hard to keep the course green.

"It's been a difficult summer with high wind and 100 degree temperatures and absolutely no rain, we really had to increase our water input," said manager Bill Hasemeyer.

According to the latest drought monitor just under 75 percent of Nebraska is still under exceptional drought conditions.