Nebraska Emergency Managers Talk Social Media Strategy


The Nebraska Association of Emergency Management says their annual conference is focusing on how things like Twitter and Facebook can help them spread information quickly.

Many local directors and agencies are already using those tools, but experts from agencies like FEMA shared more tips and tricks.

Conference organizers say being able to have a conversation with the public instead of just sending out a warning or instructions can help put a stop to rumors in the event of a disaster.

"Social media is very self–correcting, so allowing us to engage in this with the public instead of that one- way communication allows them to self–correct the message as well," says Whitney Shipley, Douglas County's Assistant Director of Emergency Management. "What we're finding both within our work here, but then even with social media in general, the public is very good about vetting accurate information among users."

The group also talked about working with partner agencies like the American Red Cross, using 2-1-1 to get information out, and the latest in HAZMAT changes.