No Boating Deaths For Nebraska In 2013


Good news – state officials say Nebraska logged no recreational boating deaths in 2013. The report came out at the beginning of this year.

The state has been keeping records of accidents, injuries and fatalities on anything motorized on the water since 1965.

Officials say with over 87,0000 registered boats, mandatory boating classes, and increased steps to ensure safety, boaters are taking their summer fun seriously.

"I think that people are more aware of some of the issues that are there on the lakes and I think we've stepped up law enforcement on selective lakes that we know we have problems on," said Nebraska Game and Park's Herb Angell. "Law enforcement effort plays a good help there and we still want people to have fun, make no mistake, but it's been really good that we've had no fatalities for the year".

Officials encourage boating enthusiasts to continue to have fun on the water, but safely, by using life vests and following park regulations.