Nebraska, Kansas Lead Nation in Ag Rankings


Nebraska led the nation in five categories of agricultural production last year.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its annual rankings Tuesday.

The USDA says that Nebraska produced 82 percent of the nation's crop of Great Northern dry edible beans last year while the 2012 Census of Agriculture showed that Nebraska produced 45 percent of the nation's popcorn crop.

Nebraska's 8.3 million irrigated acres of cropland were the most of any state. The USDA says 14.9 percent of the nation's irrigated acres are in Nebraska.

The report shows Kansas leads the nation in the production of wheat and sorghum grain. The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Tuesday that 15 percent of last year's total U.S. wheat crop was grown in Kansas. About 42 percent of the U.S. sorghum grown for grain also came out of Kansas.

Additionally, the agency's rankings show Kansas second in the nation in the total number of acres used to grow farm crops. The 28.5 million cropland acres in Kansas represents 7.3 percent of the land used for farm crops in the nation.

Meanwhile, Nebraska ranked number one in the number of cattle on feed in the state and the amount of red meat production. Kansas came in third in the nation with 5.8 million head of cattle and calves as well as third in the number of cattle on feed category.