Nebraska Korea War Vets Make Trip to See Nation's Monuments, Memorials

Courtesy- Sen. Deb Fischer

Over one hundred Korea War veterans from Nebraska have landed near the nation's capital for a tour of nearby memorials and monuments.

According to Bill Williams, of Patriotic Productions in Omaha, his group was ahead of schedule Tuesday morning with plans for the day including visit the World War II, Korea and Vietnam memorials and other sites in Washington, D.C.

The veterans also had the opportunity to speak with Sen. Deb Fischer.

She said, "I was proud to greet and speak with the Nebraskaveterans who visited Washington D.C. through the Honor Flight program. Ithanked them for their service on behalf of all Nebraskans."

The 135 former soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen are scheduled to return to Omaha by 11 p.m. Tuesday and then a similar flight will carry veterans of the Korea War from Iowa to D.C. on Wednesday morning.