Nebraska Law Enforcement Comes Together to Share their Best Tactics


New tactics and high tech tools could help police across the state catch the bad guys. More than 300 officers and prosecutors will be meeting over the next three days for a criminal justice conference hosted in Kearney by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

New LED flashing lights on top of a police car can blind a suspect on the run; they shine so bright it will leave a criminal seeing spots. Additionally, new video surveillance technology could give a 400 percent clearer picture than the standard.

Another topic of discussion at the conference was the increased drug flow on Interstate 80 since Colorado legalized marijuana.

“We do see large loads coming through Nebraska that eventually ends up in the Omaha metro area and beyond,” said U.S. District Attorney Deborah Gilg.

Hall County attorney Mark Young says the conference also provided tips on how to interview suspects at a crime scene.

“From small counties and big counties, both have different ways to handle cases that you haven’t thought of and it’s a good place for exchanging ideas,” said Young.

Other topics to be discussed over the next couple of days include K2 drugs, hate crimes and handling in-custody deaths.