Nebraska Lawns Will Need Extra Care This Year


Nebraska lawns damaged by last summer's drought will need some extra tender love and care this spring and summer.

We're at the end of April, but it seems spring hasn't exactly sprung just yet. With below average temperatures and heavy rains falling earlier this week, it's been a slow start for the lawn care business.

However, after last year's record hot and dry summer, more homeowners are deciding to play it safe this year by investing in a sprinkler system.

"Last year was definitely a challenge and this spring has been just as much a challenge, but we've gotten more phone calls for sprinkler installation than we ever have in the past," said Mike Johnson of Johnson Lawn and Landscape. "We see a lot of yards right now in this area that are really suffering due to lack of water last year and it all boils down to having proper watering, and a sprinkler system goes a long way to help that."

Johnson is sure the systems will be needed because at some point, it will stop raining.

Last year's dry conditions also resulted in many brown lawns. If you have any dead spots in the yard and it hasn't greened by now or within the next few weeks, your best bet is to overseed or resaw those areas.

However, Mike says to be careful when planting seeds and preemergent at the same time, because you'll only get undesirable results.