Nebraska LEAD 31 Visits Places Around Asia


Twenty-nine Nebraska LEAD31 fellows recently returned from the 2013 International Study/Travel Seminarto Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan.

"Our international study is designed to provide first-hand appreciationand understanding of our international community and the potential for peopleof all nations to work together," said Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD Programdirector and group leader.

During the Jan. 12-24 seminar, LEAD fellows attended briefings at the U.S.Consulate offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and met with American business,agricultural trade and commodity groups. Additionally, LEAD fellows were able tomeet with officials at the Hanoi University of Agriculture, the Vietnam FarmersUnion and the Taiwan Council of Agriculture executive Yuan.

"The people-to-people encounters provided the members of Nebraska LEADGroup 31 an opportunity to view characteristics, conditions and trends of HongKong, Vietnam and Taiwan and determine relationships to issues and situationsin our country," Hejny said. "Through this experience participantsdevelop techniques in identifying comparisons and contrasts of the countries werecently studied in areas such as politics, economics, religion, culture andhistory as well as technology, trade, food, art and philosophy."

The Nebraska LEAD Program includes men and women, currently active inproduction agriculture and agribusiness and is a two-year leadershipdevelopment program under the direction of the Nebraska Agricultural LeadershipCouncil, in cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute ofAgriculture and Natural Resources.