Nebraska LEAD Program Accepting Applications


The deadline to apply for Nebraska LEAD (Leadership Education/Action Development) Group 34 is set for June 15.

The website for the Nebraska LEAD Program says it began 32 years ago in an effort to develop agricultural leaders who will advocate for the heart of Nebraska's economy--agriculture.

In addition to monthly three-day seminars throughout Nebraska frommid-September through early April each year, Nebraska LEAD fellows alsoparticipate in a 10-day National Study/Travel Seminar and a two weekInternational Study/Travel Seminar.

Seminar themes include leadership assessment and potential, naturalresources and energy, agricultural policy, leadership through communication,our political process, global perspectives, nuclear energy, social issues, and much more.

The Nebraska LEAD Program is designed to prepare the spokespersons,problem-solvers and decision makers for Nebraska and its agricultural industry.

Many individuals who have participated in the program have gone on to become members of commodity boards, extension boards, local school boards and local church councils.

For more information or to apply, go to or contact Shana at