Nebraska Lottery Helps Environment Across the State


The jackpot for Friday's Mega Millions drawing is estimated at $400 million. And residents in Axtell said they knew exactly what they would do if they won the big prize.

"Buy a house, buy a car, send my kids to college," said Shilo Hebb.

"Buy two hydrogen cars so I would never have to go to the gas station again," said Mark Melvin.

When someone purchases a lottery ticket it is divided up in several ways. Fifty-seven percent goes to the winner, 24 percent goes to the state and the rest goes towards operating the Nebraska Lottery.

Of the money set aside for the state, 44.5 percent goes towards the Nebraska Environmental Trust; another 44.5 percent is set aside for education funds; 10 percent goes toward the Nebraska State Fair; and 1 percent goes toward programs to help compulsive gamblers.