Nebraska Pipeline Opponents React to President's Comments


Nebraska opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline -- which would transport oil from Canadian tar sands all the way to Texas -- say they will continue to push to keep the pipeline out of the state following President Barack Obama's speech on climate change Tuesday.

The president said in his speech that the construction of the Keystone XLpipeline should only be approved if it doesn't adversely impact the environment.

He said, "Allowing the keystone pipeline tobe built requires a finding that doing so would be in our nation's interest. And our national interest will be served only if this project does notsignificantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution."

Bold Nebraska executive director Jane Kleeb says the president's remarks could shift the debate toward two federal reviews.

One study by the U.S. State Department found the pipeline would have a negligible impact on greenhouse emissions. Another by the Environmental Protection Agency said emissions could be higher than the State Department predicts.

Pipeline supporters say the project has undergone exhaustive reviews at the federal level and in Nebraska and the project should move forward because it will create jobs and provide a huge boost to U.S. energy production.

Opponents argue that the State Department report relies on information from the oil pipeline industry and the environmental costs aren't worth the economic benefits.