Nebraska Post Offices to Plan for Reduced Hours


Post Office officials will be holding a series of meetings across the state of Nebraska to decide the new schedule for post offices that need to reduce their hours.

One of the first meetings will be held in Crab Orchard on Tuesday. Other meetings are also planned in Bee, Brownville, Nemaha, Elk Creek, Endicott and Swanton.

All the towns affected will see their post offices open fewer hours because of the agency's efforts to save money. Some offices will be open as little as two hours a day after the changes.

The postal service is expecting to record $15 billion in losses this year, and in the past month, it missed two payments totaling $11.1 billion for future retiree benefits.

For more information about local meetings or to find out if your post office will reduce its hours, call your local post office for the most up to date information.