Nebraska Postmaster Sentenced in Embezzlement Case


Christopher McIlheran, ex postmaster of Duncan and Silver Creek, Neb., has been sentenced to six months in jail followed by three years of supervised release.

United States District Court Judge Joseph F. Bataillon sentenced McIlheran after he pleaded guilty to embezzling government monies while working as an employee of the post office.

Judge Bataillon also ordered McIlheran to pay restitution inthe amount of $6,600. McIlheran wasimmediately placed into the custody of the United States Marshal following thesentencing hearing.

WhileMcIlheran worked as the postmaster of the Duncan and Silver Creek Post Offices, he made out money orders to his personal creditors andreported the money orders as having been paid for when, in fact, McIlheran paidfor the money orders late on dates ranging from 1-2 weeks after he originallyissued them.

McIlheran also made out other money orders forwhich he never paid.

An investigation by agents with the United StatesPostal Service Office of Inspector General gathered evidence and confrontedMcIlheran with evidence of the theft and McIlheran ultimately admitted havingissued the money orders for his personal use.