Nebraska Ranks Dismally Low in Pet Ownership


The American Veterinary Medical Association has released its U.S.Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, ranking Nebraska as 46th out of all 50 states for percent of households owning a pet.

The survey is conducted by the AVMA every five years and always includes abreakdown of pet ownership by state. The most recent survey is based on numbers from 2011.

Those numbers reveal that the top 10 pet-owningstates are: Vermont where 70.8 percent of households owned a pet, New Mexico with67.6 percent, South Dakota with 65.6 percent, Oregon with 63.6 percent, Mainewith 62.9 percent, Washington with 62.7 percent, Arkansas with 62.4 percent,West Virginia with 62.1 percent, Idaho with 62 percent, and Wyoming with 61.8percent.

The 10 states in 2011 with the lowest percentage of pet-owning householdsare: Rhode Island where 53 percent of households owned a pet, Minnesota with 53 percent, California with 52.9 percent, Maryland with 52.3 percent, Illinoiswith 51.8 percent, Nebraska with 51.3 percent, Utah with 51.2 percent, NewJersey with 50.7 percent, New York with 50.6 percent, and Massachusetts with50.4 percent.

The District of Columbia had by far the lowest rate of petownership at 21.9 percent.