Nebraska Right to Life Interviews Senate Candidates


By Steve White

Candidates Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg exchanged a brief moment before each headed behind closed doors at a hotel conference room, with an important endorsement at stake.

"I think the Right to Life endorsement is very important," Stenberg said.

In Bruning's words, "Nothing more important than Nebraska Right to Life."

The pro-life vote has supported both Bruning and Stenberg in the past. So it serves as a common point of attack against new candidate, former Senator Bob Kerrey.

Sandy Danek, President of Nebraska Right to Life PAC said, "We've got a very critical race, especially with Bob Kerrey in the mix now. His position on our issue is very clear that he is against life."

Republicans are quick to align Kerrey with President Obama. His health care plan and recent controversy over funding for birth control has brought Republicans together, even as they fight for this senate nomination.

Bruning said, "It's a clear contrast between me and Bob Kerrey. Bob Kerrey says Obamacare doesn't go far enough and I'm leading the lawsuit against Obamacare."

Stenberg said, "The president and Bob Kerrey have very similar positions. They're both ardently
pro-abortion. They favor Obamacare which I favor repealing."

Stenberg reminds pro-life voters he defended the state's ban on so-called partial birth abortion all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, while Bruning says he's leading the lawsuit against coverage for birth control.

Candidates Deb Fischer and Pat Flynn also tout pro-life credentials. NTV was unable to speak with them due to timing.

On her website, Fischer has a statement on abortion. "I am proud to be pro-life and to have had a solid pro-life voting record during my seven years in the Nebraska Legislature. I will continue to support a culture of life by supporting pro-life policies in U.S. Senate."

Flynn's website states, "I am pro-life; believing in the Sanctity of life. If human life is negotiable, all other aspects of life are negotiable, then there is no truth... The ravages of abortion have affected every single one of us in this world whether we realize it or not. It is a law of the land by judicial fiat and without the vote of the American people."

So while Nebraska Right to Life pledges to oppose Bob Kerrey, it's possible any and all of the Republican candidates will earn the pro-life endorsement.

"It could well be more than one candidate is endorsed," Sandy Danek said.

To some, this endorsement means little.

Stacie wrote on NTV's Facebook page, saying she's pro-choice and that her vote is not all about one thing, while Virginia wrote it's her most important issue when she votes.

Saturday in Grand Island, Fischer, Flynn, Stenberg, and Bruning each responded to the same survey questions as well as questions about their voting records. Nebraska Right to Life will make endorsements before the May primary.