Nebraska Safety Center Offers New Driver Simulation Exercises


The Nebraska Safety Center at UNK has recently acquired a new mobile driving simulation machine thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.

The center's driver education course consists of four phases: classroomstudy, Range activities, Simulation exercises, and On–Street driving.

The center's simulators are state–of–the–art machines where CPU's arelinked to a realistic driving cockpit.The Simulator curriculum starts with the basics of how to start thevehicle and includes advanced driving scenarios (like driving in inclementweather). The real benefit comes from allowing students to experience real–world, and sometimesdangerous, driving situations in a safe environment.

The mobile simulator also has a trailer outfittedwith a number of highly interactive games, exercises, drills, and experiencesto demonstrate the effectiveness of a Driver Education program as well as thedangers of distracted driving.