Nebraska Senator Proposes Bill Banning Tanning for Minors


One issue that will be discussed during this session of the legislature will be whether or not to ban tanning for customers under the age of 18.

As it stands right now Nebraska does not have any laws banning tanning of any type. And with continuous studies showing damaging effects of tanning for younger children, some legislators say the glow needs to go.

The senator proposing this law is Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha and he says the reason for the bill is because of health concerns.

"We know that teenagers don't make the best decisions for their long-term well being," said Nordquist.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, tanning is linked to many forms of skin cancer, and people under 35 are at a 75 percent higher risk of Melanoma.

"We're talking about a product in the form of tanning beds and very high intensity UVA and UVB radiation," said Nordquist.

Kelle Gardner, owner of The Look Salon is opposed to this soon to be proposed legislation saying it's safer to tan inside than in the powerful rays outside.

"When you're in a tanning salon you can control the environment and prevent burning more than you can when you're outside," said Gardner.

Gardner says this law would affect her business financially.

"It's not a huge percent of business but they do count," said Gardner.

Nebraska is one of 17 states that do not have any laws regarding minors and tanning.

"Prom is going to be the biggest hurt to businesses and to the kids. That would be hard for small business like me," said Gardner.

Senator Nordquist says he will propose this law either Thursday or on Friday when a lot of bills are to be proposed.

Correction: The name of the salon in the video clip is incorrect. The salon is just called 'The Look' not 'The New Look'. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.