Nebraska Slogan Will Stay


'Nebraska...The Good Life' is the state's unofficial title, but we're known for it.

A recent bill to change the state's official tourism slogan has been officially pulled, but it got people talking about how the state presents itself to the rest of the nation.

Many people told NTV they weren't in favor of changing anything.

"I'm not a big person for change, I think if it works why change it?" said Kearney resident Yvette Hazen.

"Because it's Nebraska, the Good Life," said Hildreth's Connie Jelden. "It's a good place to live, a good place to raise your family, and I think the slogan fits."

"I like to live in the Good Life," said Minden resident Alice Krewson. "It's the slogan that lifts your spirit. I'd like it to stay that way."

Senator Heath Mello, who withdrew the proposal, says the intention was not to do away with the popular slogan. He says he was working with the Nebraska Tourism Commission to give the agency the power to adopt a new state symbol and slogan to replace the official slogan: 'Welcome to NEBRASKAland.'