Nebraska State Fair


Midway rides, cotton candy, and pretty much anything you can put on a stick can be found at the Nebraska State Fair.
139 years of tradition keeps the state fair on the right beat.
"We look forward to people coming to the Nebraska State Fair to experience all the different
entertainment options, educational options, and see the future of Nebraska with the youth 4-H and FFA. We're looking forward to having everyone here," said State Fair Manager Barney Cosner.
Rising attendance records renew excitement in the fair.
"The state fair is about tradition, it's about history. It's about people who come to the state fair and want to create a legacy with the fair and they'll continue to support the fair year after year. 139th, it's a great year for us," said State Fair Foundation member Lindsey Koepke.
New this year is a traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. "It's also a lesson that freedom is not free. There are over 58,000 reasons on this wall why we live in the country that we have today because of the sacrifices made by people before," explained Greg Welsh, who travels with Wall.
Whether stopping to remember our freedoms or endulging that sweet tooth, there's tons of entertainment at the fair.
"You can come out here and enjoy many different things on a stick and speaking of sticks,
Styx will be in concert the 1st of September and will close out our Labor day entertainment
package," said Cosner.
And with the move to Grand Island in 2010, Cosner said the fun will go along for the ride down I-80. "The traditions will be there. The exciting part is that you get new facilities, new ideas, new opportunities to change some things and get nebraskans excited about the state fair."
Once this year's fair is over, organizers say they already begin making plans for next year.