Nebraska State Patrol Offers Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads in Winter Weather


The Nebraska State Patrol is sharing tips on how to stay safe on the roads during the impending winter storm.

They suggest checking read condition and closures before heading out on the road. This information can be found by going to, on your phone, or by dialing 511 on your cell phone (800-906-9069 from a landline).

"All signs point to this stormhaving the potential to make travel extremely dangerous," said Colonel DavidSankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. "We encourage motorists toclosely monitor weather and road conditions and be prepared to change travelplans as necessary."

The Nebraska State Patrol is sharing the following reminders for motorists traveling in extreme winterweather conditions:

  • Travel only if absolutely necessary. Always wearyour seat belt and never drive faster than conditions allow.
  • Use well-traveled routes and give yourselfplenty of time to reach your destination.
  • Let others know where you are going, when youwill arrive, and what route you are taking.
  • If you do become stranded while traveling, staywith your car until help arrives. Wind chill and freezing temperatures can belife threatening.
  • If your vehicle does become stuck, run yourmotor sparingly and keep a window cracked to prevent the buildup of carbonmonoxide.
  • Carry a red flag or bandana in your car andattach to the outside to signal you are in trouble.

Be sure to include a winterweather survival kit in your vehicle as your travel. The following are somebasic items to keep in your car in case you become stranded in wintry weather:

Emergency first aid kit

Ice scraper, shovel, small bag of sand

Flashlight (extra batteries), portable battery operated radio

Non-perishable snacks or dehydrated foods

Blankets or sleeping bag (extra set dry clothing)

Fully charged cell phone

Jumper cables

Empty coffee can or plastic container

Motorists in need of emergency roadside assistance can call the Nebraska StatePatrol Highway Helpline when safe to do so by dialing *55 from any cell phoneor 1-800-525-5555 from any landline.