Nebraska State Patrol Preparing to Consolidate Dispatch Centers


The Nebraska State Patrol has begun the consolidation process for their dispatch centers.

The plan is to go from six NSP Communications Centers to three. Phase one has begun; come mid-May, calls for service from Troop B in Norfolk will be dispatched from the headquarters in Lincoln.

The agency said Headquarters Troop-Lincoln had already began dispatching overnightcalls for Troop B in January in preparation for the consolidation. Currently,Troop B is being dispatched out of Headquarters Troop more than half of thetime.

"Theconsolidation of our Communications Centers is something we have beenresearching for the past couple of years," explained NSP Superintendent Colonel David Sankey. "Technological advancements havemade it possible to begin the process of dispatching our calls for service in amore efficient and cost effective manner."

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, consolidating down to threeCommunications Centers is expected to result in a savings of $750,000.

A committee will meet to determine the next center to close with that phase expected to be implemented by next summer.