Nebraska's Big Rodeo


It's time to kick up some dirt and lasso up a good time at Nebraska's Big Rodeo in Burwell.
"When you say you're from burwell, everybody knows what Burwell is and it's because of {A href="" target=_blank}Nebraska's Big Rodeo," said Lee Stout, who attends the rodeo every year.
Started up in 1921, the rodeo pleases thousands of spectators, so much so that many rope vacations around it.
Jeanie Klanecky is a 3rd generation rodeo participant. "It means a lot to me. It's something I would never give up for anything," she said.
Everything from fierce bulls to wild horses and you can even see this monkey ride a dog.
Monty Hawkeye Henson, the grand marshall, said, "It's not just a rodeo, it's a family of people getting together and helping each other and putting it on."
Some Burwell natives have found success and returned to the rodeo to help out.
"Being in the sandhills and coming back home and seeing the people, that's what this is truly about. It's about the people and that's what got me where I am today," said 2008 World Champion Auctioneer Matt Lowery.
The rodeo isn't all roping and riding as some young women prepare for the Miss Rodeo Pageant.
Erin Robbins was Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2007. "You're judged on horsemanship, modeling, speaking, photogenics, just a well rounded individual who can represent rodeo and the western way of living," she explained.
And if you need any more convincing to come out, don't take my word for it.
The rodeo begins with performances July 24, 2008 through Saturday.

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