Nebraska's Medicaid Fraud Unit Recovers Over $20 Million in 2012


Attorney General Jon Bruning announced Monday that his Medicaid Fraud Unit recovered more than $20 million in 2012. Recovered funds were used to reimburse the Medicaid program for losses in addition to being applied to legal fees specific to each case.

"We won't tolerate the siphoning of precious tax dollars by those filing fraudulent Medicaid claims," said Bruning. "Nebraskans can count on this self-funded unit to vigorously pursue recoveries that protect our state taxpayers."

Since its beginning, the unit has recovered more than $64.8 million from violating service providers and drug companies.

In cooperation with the Nebraska Legislature, Bruning established the unit in 2004 to investigate and prosecute Medicaid provider fraud and patient abuse.

When the unit was established in 2004, Bruning promised the Legislature it would be self-funding in three years. The annual recoveries surpassed its operating budget starting in 2006, a year ahead of schedule.

Courtesy- Attorney General Jon Bruning