Nebraska's State Capitol


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{A href="" target=_blank}The Capitol building has been called an architectural wonder of the world.

From the moment you walk into the Capitol it speaks volumes about the state. With no metal detectors, entering the building is a clear example of good ol' Nebraskan hospitality.

Capitol Tour Guide Gloria Witherspoon says, "The people in the state of Nebraska still feel that we are just who we are. And we are friendly. We are open. And we don't close our doors to strangers."

Once inside, the artwork continues to tell a story. It chronicles the Native American period, through the Pioneer days, to more modern times.

Witherspoon says, "What makes this building so special is the history that we have within, as well as the building itself."

It's the second tallest capitol building in the country, second only to Louisiana's Capitol.

Nebraska's Capitol building was also the first to drastically depart from the model of the nation's Capitol, with its infamous dome within a dome. The building is the product of a nationwide design competition, won by New York architect Bertram Goodhue. It took 10 years and just under $10 million to build.

"So when you look at this building, if you talk about the history, it talks about nature, it talks about society."

History, nature and society - the combination describes the building's primary function - housing Nebraska's government offices. But even state legislators take time to revel in the Capitol's beauty.

"I think the rotunda is still the best part," says Senator Joel Johnson.

Witherspoon says, "If you come one time, or if you come 20 times, or if you come 100 times, you're going to see something that maybe you didn't see before."

Reporter's Notes by Crystal Calloway:

Lincoln has been home to the Capitol since Nebraska achieved statehood in 1867. Before that, the territorial capitol was in Omaha.

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