"NEST Fest" Brings Awareness To College Saving Plan


Despite an increase in the popularity of a state funded college savings program, Nebraska's treasurer says many still don't know the benefits, but 'NEST Fest', held in Kearney on Saturday, aims to change that.

The Nebraska Education Savings Trust, or 'NEST' has been around since 2001. The state and federally tax exempt program was implemented by the Nebraska legislature to encourage parents or grandparents to save money for their kids' college education.

"We've grown tremendously, we have 217 thousand accounts nationwide, 61 thousand of those accounts here in Nebraska and people are saving," said State Treasurer Don Stenberg. "Right now we have 3.1 billion in college saving in the NEST program."

But despite those numbers, officials say getting the word out is important.

"This is an awareness day, bringing awareness to the college savings program and I think they'll come away with a greater understanding that it's pretty easy to save," said First National Bank's Mark Sutko. "Because sometime people want to but they just don't know where or how and what's the best vehicle. This by far is the best vehicle."

Saturday's 'NEST Fest' was a community wide event including games, music and food. The next one will take place in Wayne on Sunday.