New Ag Class at Adams Central


A plan ten years in the making, Adams Central High School debuts their new Ag Science Program this week. The school will offer several classes to students to learn as much about the industry as possible.

Freshman students will take the Introduction to Ag class, while upperclassmen will take plant and animal science. Students are eager to learn since a majority of them live on a farm.

“I live on a farm, my dad’s a farmer, so it’ll just help me become more aware of what our farm does,” explained junior Samantha Granstrom.

Program teacher Brandon Jacobitz is also a farmer in Holstein. His main goal is to educate his students on the many different jobs someone can get in the ag industry.

The classes will not just take place in the classroom; some tests and projects will take students out to local farms.

Jacobitz adds this is a big improvement to help Adams Central students who want to further their education to get in to college with this program on their resume.