New Axtell Pool Opens


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvconnieweight

After months of planning and anticipation, the community of Axtell can finally bring in summer of 2012 with a splash.

Let the splashing begin. Memorial Day is the opening day of the new Axtell pool.

The Village board passed a bond in 2010 to construct the new pool and park area, and officials are grateful to the community.

"We had a swimming pool committee that really rallied, promoted the pool and stuff and I think that played a huge part in passing the bond," said pool manager Jayleen Lambert. "So I'm so, so glad for the people that were on that committee and really worked to get it be really, it was a sad summer without a pool last year."

"To get people to vote for a million and a half dollar bond for something that's open for 3 months is just outstanding," said Village Board Chairman Jeff Nelson. " I give hats off to the folks at Axtell because I'm so glad to be chairman at this time in this town right now."

The new pool has features for everyone, and will include water aerobics for adults as well.