New Bill Could Overhaul Current Immigration System


The senate has opened debate on a far-reachinglegislation to overhaul the nation's immigration system, now offering thepromise of citizenship to millions.

Supporters of the bill say it wouldmake the country safer and help immigrants living in the nation illegally toget right with the law.

Opponents argue it will only offeramnesty without ever enforcing the immigration laws the country already has inplace.

Despite these varying opinions lawmakerssay they have a responsibility to find a solution.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R) Alabama, said "themembers of the senate, the members of the congress, and the American people,they need to be asking, does this bill do what has been promised for it?"

If it does he said "we may be on the trackto doing something good. But if it doesn't, it needs to be rejected. We cannotgo down the path of amnesty now and another massive illegality in the future. Cannotdo that."

The senate is expected to debate forweeks on the bill with votes starting Tuesday to move the measure forward.