New Coalition Hopes to Prevent Drownings, Honor Victim


Everyday 10 people die of an unintentional drowning in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control.

A new group hopes to change that.

The Nebraska Water Safety Coalition held their first fundraiser in Grand Island on Saturday.

It's all in memory of Logan Griego Krall, who died in G.I. in 2008.

"Our goal is to raise money to build a splash pad in Grand Island in memory of our friend Dr. Griego's son, who was four years old when he drowned in their pool," said Tammy Smith.

"A lot of fire department members are helping out. Some of the guys responded to the call when it happened so it touched everybody pretty deep; so it's important to a lot of us to get out there and raise water safety awareness," said Tony Grabenstein.

The coalition also hopes to promote organ donation.

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