New Farm Bill means Positive Changes for Livestock Producers


The new Farm Bill means some positive changes for area livestock farmers and ranchers.

Since 2011, farmers and ranchers who suffered livestock losses due to natural disasters have had no relief available to them.

But luckily for those who suffered losses, they can expect to receive some compensation in the future.

As part of the farm bill a number of livestock disasters programs that expired in 2011 have been reauthorized.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau feels reeducation on the rules and regulations of the programs is key since they weren't utilized much following 2008's farm bill.

But the recent years of drought have caused some losses in the area, leaving many in need of help.

"We had a number of years of drought, pretty severe drought. So the opportunity presented itself and we try to educate producers to what these programs are, what they need to do, and how they need to be in compliance with it. And also provide some risk protection for their operations," said Jordan Dux, director of national affairs for the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Officials say the biggest thing for producers will be providing the proper documentation of what they had before the time of the loss.

Luckily many options for documentation will be accepted.

The USDA, FSA and Nebraska Farm Bureau plan to hold more seminars in the future so producers around the state can receive compensation, if qualified. The agencies would also like to prepare producers for possible future disasters.