New Homeowners Appreciate One Billionth USDA Loan Award


For many, the American dream involves owning a home of their own. While not everyone may get that opportunity, one government program is helping many rural Nebraskans achieve their dream.

"It's great today, today is the greatest day!" said new homeowner Tina Lorenzo.

Not only did Tina and Isaias Lorenzo get their home loan approved on Sunday, but they had the distinct honor of receiving the one billionth dollar guaranteed home loan from the USDA in Nebraska.

The program has been in place since 1992 for rural communities throughout the country as part of the farm bill.

"It creates a new bucket of money and it has been going on so many years now -- since 1992 -- that it is self funded," said USDA's Maxine Maul. "So we do not have to wait for congressional appropriation. It continues being there for people year in or year out."

And that help creates a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally have dreams fulfilled.

"Thank God for all this because we've been praying to God to find a good house, finance a house like this, actually get our dream," said new homeowner Isaias Lorenzo.

The Lorenzo family received a certificate from the USDA Rural Development Department, and also a flag that used to fly over the White House.