New Mexico Murder Suspect Found in Nuckolls County

Lawrence Tarbert

A murder suspect believed to have killed his roommate has been arrested in Nuckolls County.

A Nuckolls County deputy has confirmed that Lawrence Tarbert, 30, was arrested Wednesday evening around five o'clock.

Tarbert was originally considered a person of interest in the death of his roommate, Joseph Glenn–Prewitt, that took place in June 2011, in Alomogordo, New Mexico.

Tarbert was unable to be reached for questioning by New Mexico authorities after he moved multiple times following Glenn-Prewitt's death.

Nuckolls County authorities were contacted via crimestoppers about Tarbert living at a house near Nelson and being wanted for questioning in New Mexico.

On Wednesday, authorities were on their way to Barber's home when they saw him driving by. The stopped him, and arrested him for driving on a suspended license.

According to Nuckolls County police it took approximately five hours of questioning Tarbert and his wife for him to admit to the murder. The alleged murder weapon was then found in Oklahoma.

New Mexico authorities have since been able to serve a warrant for Tarbert's arrest. He is currently being held in Hall County.