New Neighborhood Pool Taking Shape in GI


It was a bit chilly on the Monday after St. Patrick's Day.

"Doesn't feel like swim weather today," Todd McCoy said.

But two months from now Grand Island families can relax in the warm waters of a new neighborhood pool.

McCoy, the parks and recreation director said, "I totally expect Lincoln Pool to be very busy this summer. I think a lot of people are going to come out and check out the new pool and if we get the same kind of weather we did last summer, it'll be hot, great for swimming."

Weather's already been ideal, at least for construction.

McCoy said, "We started in the fall and haven't had two feet of snow that stuck around all winter, so they've been able to make a lot of progress."

Elsewhere, the city of Grand Island plans major wastewater construction this year, but not many spring and summer street projects.

The pool is the big thing, especially for a neighborhood designated a blight.
During last fall's groundbreaking, City Planning Director Chad Nabity said, "This pool is really very, very important to the neighborhood and very important to continued development and redevelopment of the neighborhood."
The pool, diving boards, and slide are all in and so is a new bathhouse that should put the old facility to shame.
"Old pool had all kinds of mechanical issues, times during the summer previous year that we weren't able to open the doors because of mechanical issues -- with brand new pool we're not going to have any of that," McCoy said.
With construction on schedule, kids should be able to splash in by Memorial Day.