New NPPD Program Offering Customers Chance to Buy Green Energy


Nebraska Public Power District is offering its customers a chance to enroll in a program aimed at supporting "green" energy.

The Green Club program would add a surcharge to the bills of those participating. Utility customers who sign up for the voluntary program would pay an extra $1.80 per 100 kilowatt hours on top of their regular bill.

Retail customers would have the chance to decide how many 100 kwh blocks to purchase. The utility says an average Nebraska home uses around 1,000 kwh of electricity each month so to be totally green, the customer would need to buy 10 blocks.

The $1.80 surcharge has been set for 2014, but would be subject to change every year. The fee covers what the utility says is an extra cost to produce green energy.

The utility says the green energy purchased by the customers won't necessarily be going directly to their home, but will instead mix with other sources on the electric grid.

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