New Parks Vital Part Of New Neighborhood Growth


As Kearney sees continual housing growth, the need for recreational space soars.

That need is being met in the new Fountain Hills subdivision in Northwest Kearney. Grading work for a new seven acre neighborhood park has already started with sprinkler systems, sod work, and park equipment construction set to resume next spring.

This new park will be within walking distance from surrounding neighbors, and already has a hike-bike trail running through it.

Officials say it's critical to add parks when planning new growth.

"When you look at the population growth and the expanse of Kearney, that's something that people forget, is there needs to be park ground nearby where kids can get to on their bikes or on foot," said Kearney Park and Rec Director Scott Hayden. "Rather than having to cross four lanes of traffic to get to and a simple place to go exercise and have fun."

This park will also help connect the new extension of the hike-bike trail from 17th Avenue to 11th Avenue, and will also include green space playground equipment and a possible cardio park.