New Report Suggests Slow Growth for Nebraska in Coming Months


A new report suggests the economy will continue to grow at aslow pace in Midwest and Plains states in the months ahead, including in Nebraska.

The Leading Economic Indicator predicts growth six months in advance based on six components economist believe predict future growth.

The report showed the overall index rose to 54 in October, up from 52 in September. Any score above 50 suggests growth.

However, University of Nebraska-Lincoln economist Eric Thompson says signals remain mixed about the potential for economicgrowth.

"Growth in Nebraska is limited by the same factors thatare impacting the national economy, such as uncertainty about domestic economicpolicy and weaker economic growth overseas," Thompson explained.

Experts say the recent decline in crop prices will likelyslow economic growth in many rural areas, but an increase in October's hiring index from September have some experts feeling hopeful.

The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska is calculated by faculty and students in the Department of Economics and Bureau of Business Research within the UNL College of Business Administration.

The full report for Nebraska can be found at