New Slogan In Holdrege


One central Nebraska community is making changes to attract new visitors and businesses. Holdrege has a new community logo and slogan -- "Holdrege Has It".

The city has a population of less than six thousand people, but they are proud of their big city amenities with a small town feel.

They are especially fond of their two parks and local hospital and the chamber of commerce says the city is satisfied with what it has to offer.

"People in Holdrege are very proud of all the diverse amenities that we have," said Katie Ostgren, member of the Holdrege Chamber of Commerce. "They are very proud of all the different careers people can have. There really is a broad spectrum of things people can take advantage of in Holdrege."

Ostgren added residents are always looking for ways to improve areas that need work, and said the neighbors of the city are great.

One Holdrege resident says it's a great place to raise a family.

"It's a nice quiet community. It's safe for my kids. It's got basically everything you need. It has a few restaurants, some stores, some shops. We like living here," explained Holdrege resident Jeff Cook.

And while the city may not have quite what everyone is looking for, they are working on bringing new businesses in and some residents say they are proud of their local businesses.