New Business Partnership Adds Jobs, Tech Advancement To Kearney


Attracting new companies with the potential for rapid growth, Kearney shows it's still competitive in the field of technology.

Phynd Technologies was officially welcomed to the community on Monday. The company is partnering with Xpanxion, who creates the software to enhance communication among physicians.

This announcement comes on the heels of losing "Project Edge", but officials say partnerships like this continue to make Kearney a viable place for advancement.

"That is going to be a nice ripple effect on the economy of Kearney," said Phynd Industries' Greg Graves. "But more importantly, it's going to help build this base of talent and expertise that Kearney can build on and grow to help it grow as a technology center."

"The opportunity for Kearney and the opportunity for central Nebraska, for the University systems, for the young individuals within our city and state who want to stay in Nebraska and work in the technology sector," said Xpanxion President/CEO Paul Eurek, "that's what this type of company brings to this community and that's very exciting because we need to do everything we can not to lose our best and brightest to other states and other companies who are offering technology jobs."

The addition of Phynd Technologies will add 18 new high salary jobs, averaging $71,000 a year, to Kearney, with many employees coming from central Nebraska.