New Trees Planted at Buffalo Hills Elementary School


Kearney Elementary students were given a chance to get their hands dirty and help protect their school for future students.

Eventually, the 250 trees planted Thursday will form a windbreak north of Buffalo Hills Elementary School's playgrounds.

School officials let the students take part, learning about nature while improving their school.

"I think it's really nice to help out because other kids will get to see the trees grown when they're big," said participant Chloe Binganam. "And it feels special to be a part of planting them."

"They're really building for generations to come, adding their touch that hopefully, in 15–20 years from now they can come back and realize that they were here when Buffalo Hills opened," said principal Chelsea Fuesner. "They were part of the history of the building and hopefully in years to come they'll come back and have that memory with their children even."

Local organizations and businesses donated the seedlings for the school's project.