Newest Jobs Report Released


The newest jobs report shows the national unemployment rate decreased by three-tenths of a percentage point to 7.8 percent in September.

According to a Grand Island employment agency official, the jobs report means more opportunity for job seekers and a bigger demand for employers.

Nebraska's unemployment rate has consistently been nearly half the national average. The unique challenge here for businesses is finding the right fit.

Travis Powell, president of Essential Personnel employment agency, said "There are people that may have been in a position for a long period of time and with the economy the way it has been previously, they had been afraid to leave their position and now there are a lot of people looking to move to a new opportunity."

Many of their clients come to their offices looking for a better job.

Bob Kyman, a new hire, said "I was looking for a full time position, something that'll turn into a job with benefits and long term."

Kyman said his interview and hiring process moved along quickly. His story is one of success, he starts his new job on Monday.