Ninth Street Advocates Keep Pushing for Vote


A group of Hastings citizens continues its fight against an impending street closure.

Advocates for Keeping 9th Street Open set up two booths at Kool-Aid Days on Saturday to talk with voters and get signatures for their petition.

The Hastings City Council voted to close a block of Ninth Street that runs through the Hastings College campus starting next summer.

But some residents say the street is a main thoroughfare, and should not be cut off. They want to see the issue voted on by all.

“We’re just getting started,” says Lenie Wilson, one of the petition leaders. “We do have six months to get all the petitions, hope to definitely get it done before then, before the snow flies, and we do need 3,000 signatures for sure.”

Hastings College President Don Jackson says the closure would unite the north and south halves of campus.

The college has plans to develop the area into a pedestrian mall and green space, but Jackson says it will also allow for future growth, something he says will have a positive impact on Hastings' economy.