No Love Like A Brother's Love


Siblingslive outside the touch of time sharing a very special bond that outsiders maynever understand. That's especially the case for Brandon Nelson, who took itupon himself to give the gift of life.

At32–years–old, Brandon is in pretty good shape. Staying active and operatingheavy equipment at Aurora Coop would leave anyone believing that he was nothingmore than normal, but that is far from the truth.

"Itook it upon myself and went into the Aurora Clinic and got my blood tested tosee what blood type I was," Brandon said.

And itwas that sound decision that determined the steps to follow.

At 15,Brandon sister, Brooke, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that turnedher liver into scar tissue.

Thedoctor told her she was a ticking time bomb.

Afteryears in and out of remission, she was finally listed in 2008 to receive a newliver. Four years later, a perfect donor was found, her very own brother,Brandon.

Withouthesitation, Brandon seized the opportunity to save his sister's life, a truetestament of brotherly love.