No One Injured in Mobile Home Fire


With fire from ceiling to floor, Grand Island firefighters had challenges as they attacked a mobile home fire.

The trailer was destroyed in the Thursday morning fire. It was in the Kingswood Estates park, south of Fonner Park.

Neighbors called the fire in around 9:00 a.m.

All four Grand Island fire stations responded, and had some difficulty fighting the fire.

Shift Commander Scott Kuehl said, "The first initial attack was attempted, but the fire was heavy enough it was covering from ceiling to floor in the area of origin where we wanted to make entry, so we had to do a little bit of an outside attack."

With fire raging in the home, the obvious concern was for the safety of anyone who might be inside, especially since there was no smoke detector.

The shift commander said most fatal fires he's seen have been in mobile homes.

Kuehl said, "The name of the game is combustibility in these structures because they're lightweight construction, they go up really quick. Time is of the essence in something like this. That was our first concern, was there anybody in there, how long they could last in there."

Grand Island firefighters have enlisted the help of volunteers to go into trailer parks including this one, where they have installed thousands of smoke detectors.

And whatever the house, one smoke detector is not enough. There should be one in every bedroom, the hallway outside the bedroom, and on every floor of the house.

Kuehl, the shift commander, said the house is a total loss and 80 to 90 percent of the home's contents are lost too.

So much is gone, including hints about what started it. They ruled out electrical issues and cigarettes, but otherwise say the cause is undetermined.