No Snow Days For Hospital Employees


While many may have relished in the fact they got a snow day from work, some individuals weren't so lucky.

Employees at Good Samaritan Hospital have no choice in the matter, many who live out of town either make special arrangements with other co–workers in town or sleep in spare hospital rooms, if available.

Paramedics even have to battle treacherous road conditions for their patients. In this type of weather, it's more important than ever that everyone is available.

"We do 9–11 for the city of Kearney and fire district one and that's 365 days, 24–7, no snow days, no holidays", said Good Samaritan Hospital Paramedic Joe Graf.

"It's hard because you have kids at home and they don't want you to come because they've got the snow day, but the hospital doesn't close. When you take a job at the hospital, you know you're gonna be here," said Registered Nurse Shannon Ramos. "We have to be open because people need us no matter what the weather is, so we have to be here. People need us here."

Employees say Good Samaritan Hospital tries to accommodate as best it can to make sure everyone is warm and safe during inclement weather.