No Tornado, But Wind Gusts Cut Visibility from Dust Wednesday Night


Wednesday night's storm over southern Sherman County didn't bring any considerable damage, but one family was fascinated by what it did do.

On a clear day you can see nearly five miles from Dick and Patti Wilson's farm southwest of Hazard.

Patti's photo of a storm cloud showed rotation, but suddenly as it rolled past, that distant view was cut short.

"The wind was blowing I would say 30 miles per hour and then there was gust probably blew 50 miles an hour then it kind of got still," said Dick Wilson. "Then the second gust came a ginormous dirt cloud and it got so heavy that it cut the visibility down to less than a half a mile."

Wilson adds the storm blew by in about half an hour, but the area saw a little sprinkling of hail and hardly any rain out of it.